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caitlin mccormack

Macabre Crochet Sculptures By Caitlin McCormack

Some say they’re creepy, eerie, macabre. I say they’re creative, delicate, and sweet. Using a crochet, string, and glue, South Philadelphia based artistCaitlin McCormackcreates these amazing tiny sculptures representing animal remains and body parts. Her collection of crocheted sculptures are a reminder that there is beauty in everything. All it needs is just the right...
brauer 9

+ Brauer – Viva La Roboluciòn!

Recycle, recycle, recycle! seems to be the motto of the decade. Paris based graphic designer Brauer is yet another great artist who gives us a taste of his creative abilities with his collection cleverly entitled "Viva la roboluciòn!"
david mach 7

Coathanger Sculptures By David Mach

Scottish artist David Mach transforms simple everyday items, like wire coat hangers, into amazing works of art. His large scale sculptures series includes a collection of animals like gorillas, bears, tigers, human sculptures, and a Mickey Mouse head.
alex queral 11

Faces In The Phone Book By Alex Queral

Alex Queral transforms the ordinary phone book into a creative piece of art, carving into its pages funny caricatures of famous people. Can't stop wondering though if putting a face inside a phone book, makes it a face book. Enjoy!
sabi van hemert-thmb

Sabi van Hemert – Creative Baby Sculptures

Sabi van Hemert is a Rotterdam based artist whose baby-like sculptures you will definitely remember. Funny and weird at the same time, his creations hide behind their shapes, representing a fusion between human babies and animals, leaving you guessing and
carlo borer 1

Carlo Borer – Creative Sculptures

Carlo Borer is a freelance artist living and working in Wanzwil, Switzerland. He develops his objects in virtual space using CAD software, then, using lasers and a very sophisticated craftsmanship, he turns his art into real life sculptures.
Lions Head

Tommy Craggs – Tree Sculpting

Talented British artist Tommy Craggs creates these amazing sculptures using his skills with the chainsaw. All his carvings are made from naturally fallen trees or that need to be felled down. He brings them back to life in his unique way, revealing the true beauty
Meredith Dittmar 8

Meredith Dittmar – Creative Sculptures

Meredith Dittmar is a Portland based artist, born near Boston Mass. Her art is an incredible mix of humans, animals, plants that deconstruct the human experience in a colorful bass relief, expressing deep levels of union across themes of biology, technology, and
cal lane 1

Cal Lane – Soft Hardware

If you've ever wondered how can one womanize a barrow and a spade... well, you have too much free time. Anyway, the answer is given by Cal Lane. The artist uses the contradiction to create these empathic scenery. Her works reunite opposite concepts like