Stunning Steel Sculptures By Regardt van der Meulen

Regardt van der Meulen is a practising artist who currently resides in Johannesburg. At the core of his works resides the human body, with its strength and fragility, uncovering its fears and illusion of safety.

Ballerina 1


Ballerina 2 Ballerina 4 Ballerina 5

The artistreceived his BFA from the University of Cape Town in 2008.

Deconstructed 3


Ballerinas 3 Deconstructed 4

For more of these amazing sculptures, check out the artist’s website,, and his Facebook page.

Drip 1


Deconstructed 5 Drip 2 Drip 3 Drip 4 Drip 5

(all images courtesy ofRegardt van der Meulen)

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