Alice X. Zhang – Amazing Illustrations

Alice X. Zhang, also known as Alicexzor Silverqe is a Hong Kong based graphic designer and illustrator, who graduatedtheRhode Island School of Design, in 2006, with a BFA in Graphic Design. Her amazing illustrations are bursting with bright and strong colors, depicting the artists’ wild and insane inner world. She loves red hair and lots and lots of coffee. Enjoy these fantastic illustrations!


Amy Pond

The Boy Who Lived

Beauty Before Death

The River

To see more of her fabulous works visit her DeviantArt profile, or her Society6 profile, where you can buyprints, skins, and canvases with her art.

Handsome Cat

The Lights

Everything is Right

(All images viaAlice X. Zhang)

3 Responses to “Alice X. Zhang – Amazing Illustrations”

  1. rida

    really2 nice and so full of art…..i like and i wanto try some…..^_^

  2. Surfer Riley

    I love these. I have her laptop skin, it gets a ton of compliments

    –Surfer Riley, latest: Lindsey Wixon Will Rule The World Someday.


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