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The Maker

After hitting it big with their first stop-motion animation in 2010, called Zero, thefilm-making husband and wife duoChristopherandChristine Kezeloshave returned in 2011 with another fantasticstop-motion short called The Maker. The movie presents a strange little creature that strives to makethe most important and beautiful creation of its life.

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The Maker explores the preciousness of our moments on earth, the short time we have with loved ones and the enjoyment of ones life’s work and purpose. In their fleeting existence our characters experience joy, love, hard work, purpose, loss and loneliness. As the tagline suggests, ‘life is what you make it’ and we are all makers in this world. (Christopher Kezelos)

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The project was an international collaboration bringing together the same Australian production crew from Zero, with the addition of puppet designerAmanda Louise Spaydfrom Ohio, USA and post production facilityMonkey Hutfrom London, UK.

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The soundtrack of the film is called “Winter” and it was created byone of Australia’s most popular and innovative composers of classical music,Paul Halley.

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The Maker has currently screened at over 60 festivals and won 21 awards, including top honours at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival and SICAF 2012. (via The Maker)

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