birdboy 3


Birdboyis a fantastic short movie, that tells the story of a strange friendship betweenBirdboyand Dinky, two inhabitants of a city filled with pollution and prejudice. The film isdirected by Pedro Rivero and Alberto Vázquez,based upon the graphic novel PSICONAUTASby Alberto Vázquez. So far, it has received over 30 awards and has been recently nominated for the Goya Awards 2012. A wonderful story, told in an unique style with an impeccable art direction. Enjoy!

Written & Direction : Pedro Rivero, Alberto Vázquez
Character design: Sebas Fábrega
Story/animatic: Santi Riscos
Visual development Artist: Khris Cembe
Animation: Postoma Studio
Postproduction: Santi Justribó
Editing: Iván Miambres (UNIKO)
Music: Suso Sáiz
Sound: Cinemar


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