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Strange Days Have Found Us

The Surreal Art Of Danny Van Ryswyk

Amsterdam based artist Danny van Ryswyk creates these dark and surreal artworks, where the traditional 19 century photography and computer manipulation are mixed together in an out-worldly sense of obscure absurdity.
Cracking the whip

The Art Of Jon Reinfurt

New Jersey based artist, Jon Reinfurt, studied illustration at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, graduating with his BFA in 2002. His creative images depict stories that express powerful emotions and original ideas, all wrapped up in a humorous
Andre Kohn 2

Fine Art Paintings by Andre Kohn

Born in southern Russia, in an artistically gifted family, Andre Kohn is a preeminent leader of Figurative Impressionism today. His mature, fresh figurative painting style, portrays the subject through its movements, in a poetic interpretation of the human figure,
Nicole Gustafsson 10

The Enchanted Illustrations Of Nicole Gustafsson

Nicole Gustafsson, a.k.a. Nimasprout is a talented Lincoln, Nebraska based illustrator. Her drawings, prints and gauche paintings depict enchanted and imaginative worlds, inhabited by tiny magical creatures.
jeremy mann 1

The Art Of Jeremy Mann

San Francisco based artist Jeremy Mann draws his inspiration from his urban surrounding, painting an intimate and dynamic city, full of drama, mood, and personality. His style is unique, as he uses multiple painting techniques on wood panels, imbuing his
The Opposite of Intention

Andrew Salgado – Paintings

Andrew Salgado's paintings depict the correlation between masculinity and the medium, exploring the manner in which they abort their literal figurative foundation and commence a vibrant dialog with the viewer through "color, reduction of forms, and triumph of
Rota da seda

Fernando Chamarelli – Colors Of Brazil

Fernando Chamarelli is a painter and graphic designer, born and raised in Brazil. Living in the land of contrast and color, Fernando draws his inspiration from this dynamic environment, painting geometric forms, organic elements and harmonic lines, envisioning