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Sara Franco 7

Sara Franco – Neo-Punk Sexy Crazy Art

Sara Franco is a freelance illustrator and painter based in Lisbon. She studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon and works as an illustrator since 2005.
Jung Yeon Min 13

Jung Yeon Min – Psychedelic Art

Jung Yeon Min is a Korean artist, born in 1979, in Kwangju, South Korea. In her surrealist works, the artist breaks the boundaries of imagination, transporting the viewer into the world of extraordinary, where the macro and micro coexist and rules of physical space
Nick Gentry 3

Nick Gentry – Portraits

Nick Gentry is a British graduate of Central St Martins and has exhibited in the UK, USA and Europe. Insipired by the sociological impact of a new internet culture, his portraits use a combination of obsolete media formats, making a comment on waste culture, life
Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi – Chalk Lettering

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer who hails from the Lone Star State, but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.
Gabriel Moreno - Surreal Pen and Brush Illustrations 3

Gabriel Moreno – Surreal Pen and Brush Illustrations

Using only a pen and a brush, artist Gabriel Moreno creates these beautiful illustrations of flowers, birds and faces that expand from his subjects like a dream escapes the mind of its creator. His illustrations begin in black and white, upon which Moreno builds,
Irina Vinnik - Stunning Illustrations 10

Irina Vinnik – Stunning Illustrations

Irina Vinnik is a web designer, writer and illustrator that was born, lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally educated as an architect, Irina's illustrations are fantastically detailed, combining stunning nature themes with beautiful typography and
Charlotte Mann - Wall Art 2

Charlotte Mann – Wall Art

Charlotte Mann is a London-based artist known for her wall drawings and drawn room installations. Her work consists of 1:1 scale drawings on walls made with thick black marker pen on a white background, representing clusters of people, furniture and other scenery.