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floating house 3

Robert Harvery Oshatz – Floating House

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Fennell residence, is one truly unique floating house. Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this extraordinary house evokes the poetry of the ripples and contours of a river. (photos by Cameron Neilson)
St Francesc Convent 1

David Closes – Renovation Of The Saint Francesc Convent

Using modern materials and solutions, Catalan architect David Closes restored the beautiful convent of Saint Francesc, located in the Catalan town of Santpedor. Originally built between 1721 and 1729 by Franciscan priests, the church was neglected for centuries,
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Simon Schubert – Folded Paper Art

Origami is the art of folding paper, but what would you call the art of folding and unfolding paper? German artist Simon Schubert transforms paper into architectural masterpieces by folding a simple piece of paper to shape the creases, then unfolding it to reveal
McBride Charles Ryan 4-small

McBride Charles Ryan – Cloud House

Has anyone told you lately you got your head in the clouds? How about living in one? Architecture studio McBride Charles Ryan took on the challenge and came up with this "heavenly" approach for a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North.
The Piano House 1

The Piano House, Music And Architecture Combined

Located in the city of Huainan, An Hui Province, this Piano House is an example of how music and architecture can merge into an exquisite piece of art, whose functionality is only surpassed by its beauty.
MCA_Street View_Museo Santiago Ydaez

Matteo Cainer Architects – Santiago Ydáez Museum

The competition entry presented by Matteo Cainer Architects for the Museum Santiago Ydáez in Spain arises as a conceptual jazz improvisation, expressing the relationship between the work of the artists, the site and the building program. The intersection of the