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    Tune into the winners and runner-ups of the 2017 Cover Song Contest
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    R W Randall, Ed Bazel, Martusia, John Angelo Cramer, Nicolò Eugelmi,Viola, Kepa L…
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    Todd Haaby and Sola Via, Kenichi Tamura, Carlos Javier Caminero, James McDowell-F…
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    Top R&B/Soul
    Plays this week's top 100 R&B and Soul Radio Airplay artist songs.
    Mucho (AKA Mr. Scott), Taylor James, A1M Indie Radio, Geo (R&B Solo Artist)…
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    Playing the Top 100 World Radio Airplay artist
    Spudy Hunter, Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z, SOPHIS, Kelly Bado, natural core, cit…
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    Josh and Lauren Travers, Wes Pickering, minister biya-roy, Peter J Shaw, Robin Ho…
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    Andre Kindread, live4this music, willin Prophet, Higher Vibrations, COLIN C, ITSM…
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