St Francesc Convent 1

David Closes – Renovation Of The Saint Francesc Convent

Using modern materials and solutions,CatalanarchitectDavid Closesrestored the beautiful convent of Saint Francesc, located in the Catalantown of Santpedor. Originallybuilt between 1721 and 1729 by Franciscan priests, the church was neglected for centuries, being on the verge of demolition.

The renovation of the building took seven years, during which period Closes retained the spaces were stillsalvageable, and opted for modern volumes, with glass and steel, where the church was too damaged to be restored. Also, new and modern features were added to the building, like asteel staircase on the exterior, a new ramp above the nave, a new deck, reading cloisters and bathrooms.

An important factor was the lighting of the interior spaces, that reveals the beauty of the newly constructed building, without altering thespaces and dimensions.

(via David Closes)

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